6 Powerful Steps To Get Rid Of Your Negative Beliefs

Are you a person who constantly thinks negatively? Are you someone who doubts your own potential? Are you a person who gets influenced with the negativity around? Are you someone who wants to change your negative thoughts to positive? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then this post will surely help you change the way you think. We’ve got 6 powerful steps you can follow to help get rid of your negative beliefs.

The impact of Negative Thoughts in our lives:

If we continue to have negative thoughts for a long time, then there is the risk that we may create a negative belief. Some people are blessed with the attributes that can help them grow, but many times they are not able to do so because of the negative, limiting beliefs they have harboured. These beliefs are so harmful that they can kill all our creative instincts and block all the ways that can lead us to freedom and abundance. These beliefs just weaken us and make us believe we are no good. If you hold a thought and you have enough experience to validate that thought, then that thought becomes a belief. Beliefs get developed very easily and they get ingrained in our system before we even realize it.

The ones that motivate us and the ones that pull us down.The former are called empowering or positive beliefs and the latter are called limiting or
negative beliefs. It is good to nurture the positive beliefs, but is it extremely important to eradicate the limiting or negative beliefs.

6 powerful steps to get rid of your Negative Beliefs:

1. Identify the negative belief.

First we need to identify our Negative Beliefs. If you feel you are constantly having negative thoughts about yourself or any particular area of your life identify them carefully. Negative thoughts are those that create a negative impact in our life. So recurring thoughts that make you feel bad or restrict your growth can be a negative thought.

2. Stop reinforcing it with immediate effect:

Without really being aware, we keep reinforcing and thinking about our negative beliefs over and over again. By doing this we are only making it stronger. So the first step is to stop reinforcing it. We need to start by changing our perception of events and not thinking about them over and over again.

3. Understand the difference between facts and beliefs:

There is a huge difference between a fact and a belief. Facts don’t change but beliefs do. So don’t think that your beliefs are the only way of living. Your beliefs are just paradigm. Shift your paradigm and you will see how beautiful your life is.

4. Doubt and challenge the negative beliefs:

One of the best ways to change a negative belief is to challenge it and doubt it. Every time when you have a negative thought immediately challenge it and tell yourself that you will not give in to this thought.

5. Condition your mind with the empowering beliefs:

Start maintaining a dairy where you write all your empowering beliefs every single day. There are many empowering affirmations which you can start writing which helps condition our mind with positive beliefs. (Examples of affirmations: 1)Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy, 2)I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful, 3)My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity, etc)

6. Surround yourself with positive people:

This is extremely important. We need to surround ourselves with people who are brimming with positive energy. The 5 closest people in our life will either make us or break us. Hence we need to choose those 5 people very carefully. If we are surrounded by people who only think and talk negative, it will have a huge impart in our life. So ponder very deeply on this point.

Well, now that you have understood that having negative beliefs is like murdering, undervaluing and limiting our true self, lets discover each and every negative belief and shatter them right at this moment.

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