We are a team of food of food, fashion and travel enthusiast based in sunny Singapore. Through our collective experience in the different sectors, each of us have had, have and will continue to have moments that excite us as well as those moments that put a frown on our faces. 
We would like to share our tales of adventure and delight with all of you. All the food that make us drool, all the cities and hotels that put a warm smile on our faces, all the clothes and fashion accessories that make us who we are, showcasing our own unique fashion statements. We might even share some unpleasant experience that make us cringe !
Whether it’s last minute planning or for a planned outing, lastminuteitinerary.com is there for you to view and scupper up plans for places you might like. 
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Last Minute Itinerary would like to invite you to join our community of people with the same passion of fashion, food and travelling. We would like to diversify and welcome anyone and everyone who wants to share their fashion ideas, mouth watering food experience/homemade recipes or travel stories with the world. Let`s connect and share what we have to offer. To do so, simply send us an Email of your story with beautiful pictures. Don`t forget to leave your name & other social media platforms so that we can credit your work. We look forward to hearing from you ! xx