all men are assholes (…and all women are crazy)

Just a forewarning, this is NOT a book review. I can barely give a food review cause the best I could probably do is to give the meal a rating out of 10.

I recently went through a breakup and my cousin sent me this book to read. By the way, if you wanted a proper review, you should probably check her insta out @taraisreading. (Ya welcome for the free advertising. Not like anyone even reads my blog. But still…)

In too many ways, I related to this book. I related to the men I’ve been with being assholes and to the fact that yes, we women, we are bat shit crazy. Is it genetics ? Did we just wake up one day and decided to go all psycho. Did someone literally drove us to insanity ? Either way, we women be crazy cause we forget that we don’t really have to be or allow anyone to turn us that way. We crazy for not knowing when to walk away and then we get driven to insanity only to be left cause you know, we literally lost our minds. So no this isn’t a review, but 36 quotes from the book that I could sadly related to and that stuck with me. It probably would be many others too. Yenjoy.

1. Hope can be incredibly destructive for a broken heart. The sooner you can accept there is no hope, the sooner you can heal.

2. Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.

3. We accept the love we think we deserve.

4. Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.

5. There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others would pick them up.

6. I never really took the time to get over someone, to understand why it went wrong.

7. When a man loves you, he will do whatever it takes to be with you. Not throw you into an empty well without a ladder.

8. Slapping a women is only okay when you’re balls deep in romantic love making.

9. This was a colossal fuck up. Who had we become ? And what did we stand for ? This torrid love affair had turned both of us into monsters.

10. He wanted me to be there, but he wouldn’t let me have him the way I wanted.

11. It was a dead end, no matter which way you looked at it. We’d grown to hate ourselves so badly that we were willing to drown each other as we scrambled to fight over a life preserver that could have easily saved us both.

12. When you take a step back and think about all the loves you’ve had and the loves you’ve lost, one thing generally rings true: none of them were ever worth the sacrifices you made.

13. We are all hopelessly fighting for the same, unattainable thing: desirability.

14. Now we have the friendship we owed each other from the start.

15. We loved each other, but we loved to hate each other more.

16. Every time I began to pull away, he would cast the line to reel me back in and I would see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

17. The only person I was victimized by was, well, me. Because I had a choice. And I chose to stay. I was the biggest asshole.

18. Truth of the matter was he just wasn’t that into me. I didn’t intrigue him enough.

19. I’ve spent hours, days, months even, trying to mathematically solve our equation. Once it ended, I became determined to make sense of what happened. Where we went wrong and how we let it go so out of control.

20. I couldn’t understand why he treated me the way he did or why I let him. Even more so, I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, why I wasn’t good enough for him.

21. His inability to love me the way I wanted him to, drove me off the rails.

22. I’m not proud of the things I did or the things I said. I turned into someone I hated.

23. I worry he turned me into someone who’s hard to love.

24. What I did learn was the extent of my emotional elastic. I learned that given the right recipe for disaster, that elastic will snap and that I’m no hero.

25. I will lose control of my emotions and cause nothing but severe embarrassment for everyone, most of all myself.

26. I learned that searching for insanity to achieve the attention of someone you desire isn’t a safe gamble to make because you may never come back from it.

27. We reject people and things that are good for us because we want more.

28. I chose companions who continuously made me crazier that I already was.

29. Ultimately, my sights just weren’t adjusted.

30. The amount of bullshit humans will take and how quickly they’ll get up only to fall back down again is nothing short of fascinating.

31. When we find something we like, we try to conform it to fit inside the frame of our expectation. But people aren’t things that can be remodeled into something that better suits your experience.

32. You can’t change people and you shouldn’t even try. The best you can do is learn to choose more wisely.

33. You cannot force someone to love you. That’s like trying to light a cigarette in the wind.

34. Not everything is about you. In fact, nothing is ever really about anyone. When life deals you an undesirable hand, rather than blame everyone else, take a minute to learn from it.

35. Figure out where you land on the scale of asshole and crazy and then seek to find someone compatible to your level.

36. Find a life within your means. Find friends within your mental realm. And find a love within your existing expectation.

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