Best Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Now, working from home sounds all fun, but staying productive during a world crisis is not a luxury. Working from home means sitting in front of your laptop the entire day. Your daily routine, diet, sleeping habits, fitness, etc gets interrupted because of this. Junk food and laziness becomes your best friends. During this time, fitness is the last thing that comes to mind.

Let me break this to you, you are not the only one who is struggling to stay fit while working from home. To remain productive, all you have to do is to create a boundary. Wondering how?

Dig-in below to know the best tips to stay healthy while working from home in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Morning Sets The Day

Your entire day depends on how you plan your morning routines. An inactive morning and not being motivated might cause you to hit rock bottom. As a remote worker, you have to focus on making your morning full of activities.

Start your day on a positive note, think about something good, and smile more! This will increase the flow of the “feel-good” hormones dopamine, and endorphins to be exact! Then treat yourself with some warm water, and a few drops of lemon squeezed into it. Meditate for 30 minutes, have a healthy breakfast, and you are all set to conquer the whole day!

2. Hydrate Yourself

The one thing that probably many of you are skipping during this time is drinking enough water. Hydrating yourself is very crucial to prevent energy drain. Keep a bottle of water in front of your working desk to hydrate yourself often. Drinking water will give you the energy to feel fresh while sitting in front of your laptop for the entire day! 

3. Shake A Leg

The worst thing you’re doing to your legs while sending emails to your boss is not giving them a chance to move! Working at home for the day leaves you with no choice but to sit in front of your computer for hours.

Show some love to your health by making body movements as much as you can. Try to stand and walk while attaining a phone call. Make a routine to spend at least 15 minutes of your entire day to walk fast. This will give your blood flow a rush to make you more energetic and healthy.

4. Take A Break

Do you know how much harm it’s causing your eyes by staring at your mobile or computer screen for hours? You’re severely straining your eyes that can lead you to eye fatigue.

The solution is to give yourself a break between work. Every 15 to 20 minutes, take your eyes off from the screen. Take a walk, go in front of the window, absorb some green in your eyes, chat with friends. The bottom line is, make sure your eyes are getting some rest.

5. Take A Deep Breath

Work from home means balancing work responsibilities and home chores like a pro. But sometimes, multi-tasking can be hectic and very stressful. So, instead of pushing yourself to cross all the limits, stand still, close your eyes, and BREATH!

Breathing is an excellent exercise to make your work feel less dense. So, go right now, open the windows and let the light and fresh air enter your house. 

6. Break A Sweat

Workouts have always been the most trending thing, to make your life worth living. You already know how exercise has magical powers to transform your body, mind, and soul. But what you don’t know is what exercise is the best pick to make your work-from-home days worthwhile.

Lifting some weights, push-ups, planks are some great ways to make your body pain vanish. However, if you are a beginner, scroll down below to know what exercise you can try right now at your home with complete ease.

Exercises You Must Try While Working From Home

Working in front of a computer for hours can destroy your lower back, eyes, knees, wrist, and much more. If the screen of your machine is in the wrong position, you may get severe shoulder and neck pains. To relieve stress and keep your aches at bay, you must try these excellent exercises at home.

Stretches: Before Starting your everyday yoga or workouts routine, do some stretches first. Simple stretches help to declutter the body and enhance blood circulation.

Push-Ups: So what if you can’t hit the gym? Transform your home into a gym! You can do desk push-ups to pamper your body. Just put your both hands on a desk and start hustling!

Squats: Grab a chair, keep your feet stuck to the ground, and sit down and stand back into it. At-home squats will never feel as easy as this.

Make sure to roll your shoulders, wrists, clockwise and anti-clockwise to avoid any aches. 

7. Binge-in to a Healthy Diet

Overeating and unhealthy diet; these are two best friends of many remote workers during this lockdown situation. Well, without feeling guilty, take action to change your snacking habits.

Set some boundaries. Store your freezer with some healthy snacks and veggies. If you are out of ideas about what diet you should follow during this time, then stay tuned and scroll down.

What Should be Your Diet While Working From Home?

Always stick to proteins, veggies, and fruits. Their combo is the perfect option to keep you healthy, and your metabolism boosted. Due to this lockdown situation, you may run out of fresh salads or veggies. So try to make cooked meals at home. You can get your hands on many healthy recipes online. You should store frozen fruits and protein foods such as chicken and egg. You can also intake almond milk, and protein shakes to stay healthy.

Avoid consuming too much salt, sugar, or fat during this time. You are hardly doing any activities. Take a small number of saturated fats and oils like coconut and palm. Get rid of the habit of binge-eating snacks like cookies, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, and butter. You should take foods that are rich in fiber. Vegetables, fruits, pulses, wholegrain foods like rice, wheat, oats will keep your digestive system intact during this pandemic.

8. Maintain Your Hygiene

How many of you are skipping bathing for work? This may sound astonishing, but the majority of the people are skipping their bath to get their office work done first. The apparent outcomes for this are a short time to shower and more time to work.

The first thing you must follow while working from home is to maintain your hygiene. Even if you feel too tired from your workload, then take a bubble bath in warm water to declutter your mind. 

9. Make Some Time For Friends

We are in isolation, but that doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from any human contact. Little chat with old friends is an age-old remedy to fight any kind of adverse situation! Keep yourself connected with friends through video calls, chats, phone calls to stay sane during this time. Plan a Netflix Party, Virtual Happy Hour drinks after work or an online Games Night.

Here are a few websites where you can play your usual games onlines!
Pictionary | Cards Against Humanity | Categories

10. Transform Your Home Into Your Work-space

Work-space is the most essential part of a remote worker. People who are freelancers by profession will agree that your work-space helps to set your mood straight and find inspiration while working.

Working in bed or sofa is a strict no-no! It’s always better to set your desk like you’re at the office. You can sit at the dinner table or study table too.

Create a dedicated work station. Sort out the wires where necessary by using these tips on how you can conceal exposed wires. Organize your day by using memo boards to help sort your post-its and note down your daily tasks. The ones used in the pictures above were from IKEA.

Working from home comes with many perks but has its own downsides too. It is crucial to plan out your day and set some boundaries to stay fit during the crisis. I hope these tips will help you stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally during this time at home!

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