Raybans Wayfarer

I`ve never been a fan of contact lenses or coloured ones even. I would rather get myself a range of different shades or spectacles and mix and match them with the outfit I`m wearing for the day. Before my recent trip to Dublin, I came across Ray Bans latest edition of Wayfarer, known as Wayfarer Fleck and could`nt help but indulge in this beautiful piece. (Also because I carelessly misplaced my previous pair of shades so I had a very good excuse to purchase a new one tongue emoticon )

There are a few different colors but the ones available were in blue and green and obviously I couldn`t be happier since blue is my favourite color ! I`m absolutely loving the blue flacks embedded in the lens. The base color makes it very easy to match with anything and the blue details adds character and uniqueness to make your full outfit stand out just that little bit more. To anyone that`s looking to purchase a new pair of shades, I highly recommend this model.

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Nikku Sandhu

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